The UAE and MENA Real Estate Report has been released. The MENA region looks set for a measured yet optimistic real estate industry recovery. The survey’s 488 respondents, made up of real estate industry professionals, ranging from developers, architects, designers, REITs, private and institutional investors, brokers, government staff, consultants and market analysts, shared considered opinions on where growth across MENA will come from and when. The majority of respondents believe the MENA region’s real estate sector will see signs of recovery within 12-24 months (42.57%), however, an encouraging 31.49% of respondents felt the market was expected to return to growth over the next 6-12 months. 86.15% of respondents agree Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) remains a key growth factor for the market, and investors/prospective end-users from neighbouring GCC and Levant (55.92%) countries as well as China (51.64%) have been identified as key markets to generate the investment. Despite the challenging situation created by the global pandemic, 42.17% of real estate professionals have still pegged the MENA region for real estate growth. Similarly, 46.46% forecast growth for GCC countries.