Quality is the most integral part of our business philosophy and all our activities are focused around it. Our work ethos center around clearly understanding customer requirements and effectively meeting them, and often exceeding their expectations.

We emphasize on continuous improvement of all performance parameters by regularly monitoring activities, audit and analysis, assessing results in relation with set objectives and consistently correcting to eliminate possible deviance and ensure the right direction of progress.
We endeavor to enhance performance through technological advancement, personnel training and adopting emergent managerial concepts. We ensure strict quality control by implementing an effective quality control system. This comprises proper documentation, regular evaluation and prompt corrective measures as and when needed. At the procurement level, we insist that all our vendors meet globally acknowledged quality benchmarks. At the logistics level, we ensure that materials thus procured are stored in a condition that meets accepted world standards.

At the work site, method statements are prepared and submitted for consultant approval. Personnel are properly briefed about applicable quality standards that are project-specific. Work progress report is maintained and consultant approval obtained.


Silverwood is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment with zero accident rate and no man-hour loss in the interest of employees, customers, visitors at the site and the community at large. The company is totally committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired events which will result in any kind of losses and to protect the interest of the company, client and our stakeholders at all times.
To achieve this objective, the company has adopted on a risk management and workplace safety program covering all possible sections and areas of our operations. This program is central to the HS policy and covers the following.

• Promoting safety awareness
• Controlling access to work site
• Preventing damage to personnel and property
• Avoiding fire hazards by prohibiting smoking and inflammable materials.
• Using protective gear, harness and equipment
• Ensuring safety standards of all tools and machinery in use by regular inspection and
• Familiarizing all personnel with fire drills
• Providing fire extinguishers at required points.
• Prompt reporting of worksite hazards and accidents
• Maintain occupational health and safety at all times
• Total compliance of all employees with the company’s safety policy as well as statutory


  • Provide the management with the necessary structure and resources, identify the control and monitor all company operations, in order to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment.
  • Hold all levels of management, supervision and line staff responsible for sound environmental management and development of positive attitudes in themselves and those they manage.
  • Comply in full with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Establish and periodically review measurable objectives targets and associated management programs.
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures in cooperation, wherever necessary, with other operating companies, local authorities and emergency services.
  • Good environmental performance is integral to the business and therefore it will be treated as a primary business objective.